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How to show a german Sweden: 
Rain. Check!
Soup-lunch. Check!
Rom & coke. Check!
Swedish taco. Check!
Art & beer. Check!
Go to a swedish punk concert. Check!
Drink more beer. Check!
Get invited to the swedish troll and leprechaun forest. Check!
Eat taco for breakfast. Check!
Try christmas soda (aka "julmust"). Check!
Climb a mountain. Check!
Check in to a four star hotel. Check!
Eat too much sushi (never wanna eat sushi again). Check!
Go to THE Rockbar(en). Check!
Drink fireball. Check!
Have the best hotel breakfast with belgian waffles & bacon. Check!
Visit the swedish (indoor) forest. Check!
Look at the ocean. Check!
Have a bye bye "fika". Check!
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