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The #africanadventure Hakuna Matata! Karibu! Jambo! Jambo!
Rosa Bussarna. 5 veckor. 6 länder. 500 mil. 26 nya vänner.
This is my story: 

Kenya. Day 32. Bye bye Africa (at least that was the plan). Drove from Naivasha to Nairobi. Was suppose to visit an orphinage, on the way to the slum we ended up in a middle of a riot - or it had just been one. Two motorbikes was burned and we decided to turn around. After less then an hour or so our excellent driver made it happened and we could continue to the airport. Just to figure out our flight was delayed 3 hours - and 3 hours became 4...and we totally missed our connecting flight in Addis Ababa. Africa didn't want us to leave - so we checked in to a luxury hotel and stayed 24 more hours.


Ethiopia. Day 33. Woke up in my super comfy giant hotel bed. Hotel breakfast, sadly no bacon. But pancakes make me happy! Jumped in a cab that took us to National Museum of Addis Ababa - so we could say hi to Lucy - the first human (found) on earth. 3.2 million years old. Only 105 cm short, I win for once. Our guide told us about the history of human kind and the culture and art work of Ethiopia. Interesting! We learned that Addis Ababa means new flower. But the city is more about construction than nature. I would say. What to do when you need to kill time in Addis - go and see the new Star Wars movie of course! Double premiere for me since I haven't seen a single one of them. Around midnight it was time to do a new attempt to get home by air. May the force be with us.
And yes. We came home, safe and sound - after one of the best experiences ever.
Africa always wins! 
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