.WORLD BY TINA: AFRICA malawi, rosa bussarna


The #africanadventure Hakuna Matata! Karibu! Jambo! Jambo!
Rosa Bussarna. 5 veckor. 6 länder. 500 mil. 26 nya vänner.
This is my story: 

Malawi. Day 10. Our camp is situated on Kande Beach, parked the bus 20 meters from the water. Pancakes for breakfast, our chef is the best! Village tour with some locals Mr Slim Shady and Mr Popcorn. Visited the hospital and the school, got (at least) hundred new friends. Went swimming in Malawi Lake, was promised - no worms! Banana beer (taste like yoghurt gone bad) beach party with Mr Slim and co. Bbq party with our crew, back to beach - bonfire party with drums and singing - and then beer party until the bar closed with my two beer drinking friends M & J.


Malawi. Day 11. Hakuna Matata. Jumped into a boat to a little island in the lake outside Kande beach, great spot for snorkeling - they said. I would say not that great - but still, every kind of adventure is an adventure! Lazy lazy day. Changed all my malawi-money into beers - cheers.


Malawi. Day 12-13. Bus day. Arrived at Chitimba Camp, north side of Lake Malawi. Bus party, springbock shots and rum & coke (mostly rum) party at the beach with millions and millions of flies - until 4 o'clock in the morning, the fantastic four - me, M, J & E. Slightly tired the day after, skipped the 8 hour walk to Livingstonia - relaxing in the bar instead. Best idea ever - and the best nap ever. Went into "the real african village" got run over by a bike. Ouuch! Beach, beer and home made langos.


Malawi to Tanzania. Day 14. Woke up around 5, got the bus ready for new adventures - five hours later we crossed the border to Tanzania. Karibu! Driving all day, lunch & dinner cooking by the road with locals and various animals. 16 hours later we reached our destination for the night - Crocodile Camp - more like scorpion camp.