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The #africanadventure Hakuna Matata! Karibu! Jambo! Jambo!
Rosa Bussarna. 5 veckor. 6 länder. 500 mil. 26 nya vänner.
This is my story: 

Zanzibar back to Tanzania. Day 22. Bye bye paradise island, cold beer, comfy bed, air condition, turqouise ocean and swimming pool. Hello pink bus and hot dirty roads. Happy to be "home" again! Spent whole day and night on a roadtrip throught the beautiful Tanzanian landscape. Way past midnight we decided to camp at a gas station in the middle of nowhere.


Tanzania. Day 23-24. Woke up on christmas morning with the snow covered peak of Kilimanjaro as view. Pretty magic. Finally snow on christmas! Another bus driving day to reach our destination and meet up with two other Pink Caravan buses - let the christmas party begin! But first - food & booze refill in Arusha. Taco night at Camp Kudu Lodge in Karatu. After a good but pretty cold nights sleep - all day pool party and then christmas celebrating with 60 swedes.


Tanzania. Day 25. Safari day! My first safari - ever! The Ngorongoro Crater in karatu. First thing we learned Pumba from Lion King means zero brain because they have so short memory. Our driver called me Pumba - no comments. Awesome day, the view, the nature, the animals - undescribable! Game viewing: baboons, waterbocks, donkeys, eagles, shakals, buffalos (soooo many!) wildbeasts, ostrichs, hyenas, springbocks, gazelles, a wierd big grey bird, storks, hippos, uganda cranes, 1000 pink flamingos, 1 hat beast, 2 black rhinos, 8 elephants - and 26!!!! lions. One of the best days so far! Spotted 4 of 5. The Big five: elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion. Check! Ugly five: Warthog, wildbeast, hyena,  gam (dead meat eating bird, name?) check! Next safari mission: leopard & marabou stork.


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