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The #africanadventure Hakuna Matata! Karibu! Jambo! Jambo!
Rosa Bussarna. 5 veckor. 6 länder. 500 mil. 26 nya vänner.
This is my story: 
Zimbabwe (back) to Zambia. Day 6. Bus day! Crossing the border over to Zambia. Started by 7 in the morning, checked in at Camp Eureka, Lusaka just before sunset, 6-ish. On the way we said hi to giraffes and zebras - and a bunch of dogs. And then we had an bbq party! (...the meat came from the store haha).


Zambia. Day 7-8. Discover the city of Lusaka. Had the best indian food since I went to India. Back at Pioneer Camp (same place we stayed the first night). My team did tonights cooking, super tasty. Slept on the bus roof under the stars. Woke up around 6 - time to hit the road again. 10 hours driving, then beers, food and sleep at a camp in Chipata, close to the border of Malawi. 


Zambia to Malawi. Day 9. 3 hours border control - many many hours of bus riding. Hello Malawi. Playing soccer with local kids. Food stop in Lilongwe, the capital. Bus party! The road to Lake Malawi and Kande Beach went throught small villages, cows, goats, mountains and red sand. Arrived around 10 in the evening, late snack and then bed time. Under the night black star sky on the roof top of the bus. Woke up when a tiny thunderstorm hit us in the early morning.