.WORLD BY TINA: AFRICA rosa bussarna, zanzibar


The #africanadventure Hakuna Matata! Karibu! Jambo! Jambo!
Rosa Bussarna. 5 veckor. 6 länder. 500 mil. 26 nya vänner.
This is my story: 

Tanzania. Day 15-16. Off to Dar Es Salaam. Spotted my first wild elephant, got so happy that I started crying - everyone laughed haha. In the middle of nowhere, our pink bus went out of gas. Luckly we were prepared for that kind of emergency. On the road again after one hot hour that also turned into lunch break. Our camp for the next couple of days, Sunrise Beach in Dar Es Salaam - beach bar and kitty cats, welcome to paradise! Two days of bus cleaning, beaching, beering, partying! Pink party!


Tanzania to Zanzibar. Day 17. Jambo jambo. Bad bad hungover. Stupid champagne, wine, beer, rum & coke, smirnoff cocktails and salmiak shots. But we had a lot of fun! Took the boat from our camp to Dar Es Salaam and then the fast ferry to Zanzibar. Staying at a great place right by the beach - Ocean View Resort. Feels good to sleep in a real bed after 16 days on the bus roof. Had sunset mojitos at Africa House in Stone Town - and then the best chicken kebab ever at the city night market. In bed before midnight, can't be party queen every night.


Zanzibar. Day 18. Omelette and water melon breakfast. Stone Town city tour. Boat ride to Prison Island - an island that was suppose to be a prison - but it was to beautiful so the prison turned into a vacation house instead. Now - hotel for rich people. Giant turtle safari - the oldest one, 192 years old - oldie but goldie. Balcony drinking party. Wierd special indian kebab dinner in Stone Town + a lot of drinks and desserts. Late evening mission: finding the Freddy Mercury Bar - found his house but the bar where nowhere to be found. Instead we found a sleeping taxi driver and woke him up. Ocean View please.


Zanzibar. Day 19. The day my belly crashed. Went on a spice tour in the forest. Puked behind a tree and almost died. After the nearly dying experience we jumped on a bus and went from Stone Town to the other side of Zanzibar - Nungwi Beach. Heaven on earth. Our hotel is the shit, spent a few hours until sunset by the pool - and then went to sleep. Needed to take care of this crashed body. Tomorrow is another day.


Zanzibar. Day 20-21. Back on track after 14 hours in bed and three bottles of coke.  Spent the day by the beach, walk & talk with local guy Harry, mojito by the pool. Celebrating two birthdays, calamari dinner, got another cat bff, searching for a raggae bar - ended up in a place next door to our hotel. The day after we took a swim with 30 turtles, playing on the beach and some Ndouvo-beer drinking by the pool. Life sucks.