THE LOST CITY OF PETRA IN JORDAN. No globetrotters bucket list is completed before entering the magical gates of Petra or Raqmu as it´s originally called. World by Tina was there.

I still haven´t really understand that I actually have been there. For real. It was very close that we didn’t made it due to the weather conditions, the place get quickly flooded. Luckily, when we finally made it across the border from Israel, a few hours deleyed – the rain stopped and we where allowed to enter. We had a short amount of time to explore the huge place – but still better then nothing, imagine my face if we wouldn´t make it…

It sure was a magical place in so many ways. Before, I didn´t know so much about it other then it was forgotten for hundreds and hundreds of years – but it turned out it was more of a hidden city, the beduin people in the area were well aware of the place. It was soooooo much bigger then would have imagined, we didn´t even had time to explore half of it. A good reason to come back some day. Hopefully in another season, winter was freeeeeeezing. Don´t believe everything you in social media (what really?) – the influencers dressed in cute dresses standing in front of the famous Al Khazneh aka Treasury is just ****shit.


1. You should be covered up in religious places.

2. It´s cold in the winter. It´s jacket cold.

Regardless, the ancient city of Petra is not a lie – it´s magical for real!

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