PUB CRAWL O´CLOCK. World by Tina presents to you a 48 hours pub crawl (including food) through the streets of Brighton & Hove UK where you’ll find at least three bars in every corner.

BREAKFAST O´CLOCK. Start with a traditional breakfast at classical english breakfast at Breakfast at Tiffany’sclose to the central station. Egg (by choice), baked beans, mushrooms, toast and bacon. Nothing fancy about this but you’re now ready to explore the town of Brighton – beer ways! Location: 22 North Road

BRUNCH O´CLOCK. Enjoy a well blended Bloody Mary at The Windmill. Cozy place with a great outdoor seating. Location: 69 Upper North Street

AFTERNOON BEER O´CLOCK. Order one of the craft beer at The Paris House. Location: 21 Western Road

PIMMS O´CLOCK. Move along to one of my favorite spots with THE best rooftops (well, there aren’t that many to be honest) – The Lion and the Lobster (awesome name!). I command you to order a jug of the national drink – when in England, drink Pimm´s! Location: 24 Sillwood Street

BEACH O ´CLOCK. Now your´re ready to head down to the beach. Maybe not for swimming – but for stone baked pizza and english cider (I prefer the cloudy apple). This you’ll find at one of my favorite places along the beach and also the oldest one by far – Fortune of War (since 1882). Location: 156 Kings Road

AFTER BEACH O´CLOCK. After beach means music, right. My choice of music is rock – so let’s find one of the (many!) rockbars in town. The Pipeline even has a jukebox (surprised to find Ebba Grön SE in the collection!) Location: 6 Little East Street

DINNER O´CLOCK. Time to eat again. All Bar One – a concept to be found all over GB. Cocktails and delicious dishes. I will totally recommend the veggie tacos and the meatballs (…or the burgers if you’re into that!). Location: Pavilion buildings, 2-3

AFTER PARTY O´CLOCK. We ended up in our Airbnb apartment, drinking wine until we crashed. Location: Destination by choice

[imaginary photo]

BRUNCH O´CLOCK. After a good nights sleep (…or party) you’ll need a good brunch. Smokey´s will fix you up  with (my guess) the best egg benedict and Bloody Mary in town! I heard from the table that the burgers was also fantastic (…but stay away from the boring veggie one, they need to hot that one up a bit). Location: 124 Kings Road

PIER BEER O´CLOCK. After brunch comes beer, combine it with some sightseeing on the Brighton Palace Pier. Enjoy yourself at the amusement park and drink beer at the next door pub Horatio´s Bar Location: Brighton Pier, Madeira Drive

ROCK O`CLOCK. On your way to dinner, make a quick stop at the BEST rock bar in town. The Prince Albert. And take a minute or two to look at the amazing murals of all time rock stars. This is my all time favorite bar here in Brighton, I haven’t visited once without going here (been to Brighton +10 times). Location: 48 Trafalgar Street

BUCKFAST O´CLOCK. Any time a clock – be sure to buy a bottle of the punk rock drink Buckfast. Is to be found in the most stores that sells alcohol. That means everywhere.

B-DAY PARTY O`CLOCK. If one of your friends happens to celebrate their birthday go to The Golden Pineapple of Ship Street and have a Mescal Mary. Location: 14 Ship Street

Photo: The Golden Pineapple of Ship Street

B-DAY DINNER O`CLOCK. At Semolina. If weekend, book in advance! Small place, friendly staff GREAT food. The fish was perfectly cooked. Best red mulet I’ve ever had. Location: 15 Baker Street

Photo: Semolina

LAST NIGHT PARTY O`CLOCK. Disco fever a la 60´s & 70´s at Green Door Store. Not my kind of place and the sound system sucked (guys, you should really do something about that!). But the rest of b-day crew enjoyed it and literally danced until they puked. So I’ve heard… Location: 2,3, 4 Trafalgar Arches

[imaginary photo]

SUNDAY ROAST O´CLOCK. If you’re here on a sunday you’ll need to have sunday roast. No questions asked. There’s so many places that serves this (almost every bar in Brighton!). If really hungry pick Camelford Arms. The portions are huge! Bonus: Dogs are welcome, they can even have a dog beer. A bit pricey ( compare to other bars) but totally worth it! Location: 30-31 Camelford Street

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