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EILAT & CORAL BEACH. The south side of Israel. A Red Sea resort. 
This was one of the places that made me wanna book a trip to Israel in the first place. We (me and my bf) read about it in some travel news at the flight back från Bucharest to Gothenburg - and both was like ”oh I wanna go there!” I´ve been to Egypt many times but due to the conflicts and recommendations on not to go right now - we decide not to. Better safe than sorry. Israel was the next best choice if we wanted to enjoy snorkeling in the Red Sea. 
We spent our days, together with my bff and her bf, with balcony parties, Eilat night out, tasty food and meet so many new friends...mostly cats.Hundreds and hundreds of cutie cats - that’s well taken care of. This place is a true cat-town with happy cats. Almost as good as Essouira in Morocco - my all time favourite place when it comes to cats.
The best restaurants we visited was The Last Refuge (awesome grilled fish!) by the ocean at Coral Beach (15 minutes from the city) and Ginger Asian  Kitchen in the city centre for excellent sushi! The sushi taco was great a surprise! 
Join us while we explored the fantastic under water world at the nature reserve Coral Beach: 
Eilat was great for snorkeling but if I should go back I would pick the other side of the Red Sea, the Jordanian side and stay in Aqaba where the food is a lot cheaper. 
There´s so much to do in Eilat, we focused on the under water world. But you can also visit the camel ranch, go on a Jeep safari, visit the Underwater Observatory, go see the flamingo lake and the Red Canyon. But please, stay away from the Dolphin Reef - they says that the dolphins are there by "free will"...but really? Of course if you keep feeding them they will stay. They won´t even survive in the wild after beeing captured. 
There is an airport outside of Eilat called Ovda, but I suggest that you fly to Tel Aviv and then take the 5 hour local bus to see more of Israel. It´s a beautiful landscape passing by. 
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