LOOKING FOR A HOTEL IN TEL AVIV? DAVE GORDON - SON OF A BROWN - a funky artistic boutique hotel right next to the beach in the north part of the city, close to the Marina. Great location if you wanna hang out on the beach at day time and by night go try out the telavivian night life. We did both!
I will definitely recommend this place as they are service minded and provides the guest with free welcoming beer and popcorn. That´s my kind of service!
Be sure to book one of the Foxy Rooms. We had the opportunity to look at three of them and the red ones are awesome with bath tubes right next to the bed! Who would´t wanna wake upp and jump directly into a hot bath - bubbles (with bubbles) for breakkie! 
...and don´t miss out on the roof terrance - available for all guest. 
EXPENSIVE? I would say it´s affordable luxury - since Tel Aviv is an expensive city over all. 
CHECK IT OUT: https://brownhotels.com/dave
Brown Hotels has 9 hotels in Tel Aviv, jerusalem and Croatia. 
Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I just LOVED the place and did´t get paid to tell you that haha.