Recently I asked my followers on Instagram on ideas for new topics and one of the places that came up was the freetown in Copenhagen, Denmark called Christiania, situated in Christianshavn. Since I´ve been there many times I thought I give you my point of view of the colourful part of Copenhagen where cannabis is legal since 1971. Well, not quite true, it was legal or rather tolerated until 2004. Now a days there´s been a lot of discussions between Christiania and the Danish goverment about the ”situation”. 
The short version. The area where closed down to public since way back due to a gunpowder storehouse explosion. During the World War II the area was used by the military - when they left the area after the war homeless people started to use the empty buildings. In 1971 the inhabitants broke down the fence - and the takeover was a fact. There´s of course many stories about how it happened, the most common reason people has told me about was that the apartments in Copenhagen at the time where too pricey and many people where homeless - so this was a protest against the Danish goverment. A journalist called it ”the forbidden city of the military” and after that the name Free Town Christiania where set. 
The people in Christiania have developed their own set of rules, independent of the Danish government. The rules forbid stealing, violence, guns, knives, bulletproof vests, hard drugs like heroin is strictly forbidden and bikers gangs like Hells Angels for example. NO PHOTOS ALLOWED. The photos in this article I´ve taken from the outside or in the green areas where I think it´s still allowed, most important is that is not allowed in the market area called Pusher Street or the Green Light District. 
As so many other try-to-be-free-cities and occupied buildings in the world, the walls are covered in colourful murals and there´s street art around every corner - I can walk around for hour just admire the artistic vibes. Love it! To bad I can´t show you much cause of the no photo rule - but that´s just one of the great reasons to book a trip to Copenhagen - and if you do, let me know. I have plenty of recommendations on where to stay and what to eat. 
I think the ”free town" it´s a wonderful idea and I would love to move in right away if I could, which is pretty much an mission impossible. I´m sure you´re wondering about my political view - I´m pro medical use. If you wanna discuss it, send me a PM. No one knows what will happend to Christiania in the future - I hope it will survive forever happily ever after as Copenhagens fourth biggest tourist attraction.
Go visit, pay attention to the rules and show respect. Peace out.