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XMAS IN THE HOLY CITY OF JERUSALEM. I´m not religious but the bible is an interesting story to be told and a great way to learn more about religious beliefs. Therefor it was quite big to visit the place where he evidently was killed and walk the same path that is believed to be the same path that Jesus walked on the way to his crucifixion. One of the most important historical sites in the world - this is what I would call a cultural trip of importance. 
This is definitly the number one thing to visit when in Jerusalem, a small part of the modern city surrounded by walls. It´s also the home to several sites, important by religious reasons, such as The Temple Mount, the Western Wall for Jews, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre for Christians and the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque for Muslims. Since 1981 the old city of Jerusalem is listed on UNESCO World Heritage list. But it´s not unproblematic, both Palestine and Israel claims the city as their capital, East Jerusalem is a part of the Palestinian territory. I´m not 100% sure about the discussion between the both countries. 
If you´re hungry but not sure about where to go. Go here. They have the most amazing libanese food and the sushi at Wok Market was amazingly tasty! 
…is sold everywhere. But THE best chicken shawarma I would say is to be found in the old city, within the walls. Not really sure about the name of the restaurant - other then it´s located in the beginning of Via Dolorosa, on the right hand side. 
Abraham Hostel (close to Yuheda Market) - not only a place for sleep, more like a recreation center for tourists. They also arrange great tours all over Israel and Jordan. We booked one to Masada cliff, the nature reserve Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea - a great adventure story I will tell in another post. 
Train or bus from Tel Aviv, both it takes less then an hour. And it´s not expensive compared to everything else in the country. The bus can be a bit tricky to book since the website is in Hebrew. Recommendation: If staying in a hostel or hotel - ask for help in the reception or arrange it directly at the train/bus station. 
Stay away from discussions about politics and religion if not knowing the person very well. Keep updated with swedenabroad.se (if swedish) and read the local news. 

#1 - - Marias Memoarer:

Ja visst är Jerusalem intressant, inkluderat de religiösa platserna, oavsett om man själv är troende eller ej :) Mest intressant tyckte jag ändå var den religiösa mångfalden <3 Jag upplevde att staden påverkade mig på djupet. Exakt hur kan jag inte riktigt sätta ord på.

Svar: Jo ni verkade verkligen hinna med mycket på bara två veckor :) Om jag nån gång åker tillbaka till Israel/Palestina så vill jag gärna snorkla i Eilat (om jag inte bestämmer mig för att göra det i Jordanien istället), se Mitzpe Ramon och lite mer av Västbanken (tyckte en dag inte gav så mycket), samt norra Israel, t.ex. historiska staden Acre. Och gärna ett litet återbesök till Jerusalem också :) Vad skulle du vilja se som du missade denna gång?

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