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Sea gulls in Brighton, England 
MY HAPPY PLACE. I have a few places that I keep extra close to my heart and always feel a certain kind of happiness when I think about. Here´s my Top 5 Happy Place. 
First out we have Brighton. I´m so happy one of my best friends decided to move here for a few years - so I could come visit. And I did. Quite often. Or at least as often my economy allowed me. This english coast city is filled with music, sea gulls and happy people. Every one is either a musician or works at AMEX - or both. This is one of my special happy places. I´m going back here in the beginning of may to celebrate my best friend birthday, she couldn´t pick a better place. B-ton reunion! ..also quite happy we never did those tats we were planning on day drunk day at the beach. Brighton diary from my visit 2010 (in Swedish):
Summer in Brighton, England
When I think of happy places my mind also goes to the village of Panajachel in Guatemala - or simply Pana as it´s also called. A very popular place för backpackers and other travelers. I think this place means so much to me since it was my first long distance trip outside of Europe. I spent five weeks travelling from Mexico to Panama with a bunch of strangers. Some of the best weeks of my life. Constantly smiling. Pictures from colourful Panajachel in 2011:
Panajachel from above, Guatemala
And then we got this little charming city in the north of Italy. Didn´t know nothing about this place until I was booked (work thingy) to go on a dance festival to check out upcoming choreographers to bring to Sweden. Have I told you I love my job? Anyhow. The place turned out to be so beautiful, an old town in a valley with an amazing view of the alps and an ice cold river running through the city. I always remember places by colours. Bassano del Grappa - in memory of a purplepinky shade. As you probably can guess by the name - this is where grappa is made! Stories from Bassano del Grappa, 2012 (in Swedish):
Dusk over Bassano del Grappa, Italy
There´s so many lovely places in the world. This one is THE place to be for a cat addict as myself. More cats then people and most of them are well taken care of. This is like CAT HEAVEN (with very much alive cats of course!). City of cats and fun, 2014:
Cats of Essaouira, Morocco
The last one was hard to pick. So hard I actually couldn´t decide. So here we go. The 5th one of my personal top 5 coziest cities in the world goes top the medieval village (tiny village) over looking cote d azur in France somewhere in the mountains inbetween Nice and Monaco. Easy to reach by train - plus one hur sweaty hike up the mountain. We´d find out later, there is a bus… The shared 5th spot also goes to the old city Mostar in Bosnia - such an interesting (and terrifying) history combined with nice people, beautiful old buildings (with or without gun shots) and narrow streets with cobblestones. These two places has one thing in common for me and that is that I only spent a couple of hours in each so I have to go back and then make my final decision on which one really is in the top 5! Village of Eze, 2017: Kravice waterfalls and Mostar, 2016:
Village of Eze, France
Mostar, Bosnia 
Where´s your happy place? 
#1 - - Fantasy Dining:

1.Tokyo 2.Jiufen i Taiwan 3. Edinburgh 4. Bangkok 5. +Hela Storbritannien är just nu min Happy Place :)

#2 - - Lena i Wales:

Kul att se dina favoriter.
Jag har bott i Brighton under en period, men det var längesedan nu.
Eze i Frankrike har jag också varit i, fint.
Vill säja tack för inspirationen, gå in på min blogg och se var jag varit så förstår du vad jag menar!
Ha det bra!

#3 - - Desiréetravels :

Har bare besøk Essaouira og Mostar fra listen din - men begge disse elsket jeg óg! :)

Falt også helt for Budapest da jeg besøkte byen i fjor, og tar meg selv i å stadig returnere til København og London. :)

#4 - - Ann-Louise:

Fina platser, och gulliga katter! :) Mitt happy place är en pytteliten stad som heter Gualala och ligger i Kalifornien. Har haft ett inlägg på gång om den platsen länge nu men lyckas aldrig få det klart eftersom jag vill att det ska bli perfekt. :-)

Svar: Ja det där med att ta fram det ”perfekta” inlägget känns igen. Har hållt på med ett om göteborg i typ en evighet nu. Blir aldrig klar liksom.

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