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Lysaker, Oslo, Norway - not on the list, but still a beautiful place.  
TOP 5 NORDIC SPOTS. Location, location, location - you´ve heard that phrase before right? But it´s so true, always when I fall in love with a city or a place in the world it´s mostly connected with water or beautiful landscape - combined with awesome underground clubs and cool art exhibitions. This is my TOP 5. 
My all time favourite city in Sweden, easy to reach by train, right by the ocean and only a few minutes with the ferry from Denmark - and the small city is filled with cool bars and tasty restaurants! Stories from my last visit (swedish):
Walking the streets of Helsingborg, Sweden.  
This town beats Copenhagen from my point of view. I´m a small town girl and like to walk everywhere, this you can do here. It´s a calm city with a great selection of art exhibitions at ARoS and music scenes, this place makes me feel safe and happy. Art makes me happy. It was also European cultural city in 2017. When I visited a dance festival in Aarhus (swedish):
Exploring Aarhus, Denmark. 
So far I´ve only been to three cities in Norway, Oslo (where I´m about to move), Fredrikstad (for a festival in the ruins of an old fortress) and in Bergen - where we went because I wanted to take the train on Bergensbanen which I was told should be one of the most beautiful railways in the world. I agree. It was stunning. And Bergen itself was a lovely city - expensive but lovely!). Bergen stories (swedish): Bergensbanen railway (photos):
View from Mount Floyern, Bergen, Norway. 
This summer I visited Dalarna County/Dalecarlia for the first time in my life (well I´ve been to the small town Avesta before - but that doesn´t really count). I was amazed by the beautyful landscape. So much to explore! This is the most Swedish it gets, with lakes, forests and red cottages. So happy I´m gonna spend more time here since my BF is from this part of Sweden. Midsommer 2018 (swedish):
Fryksås, the most beautiful place in Dalarna County, view over lake Siljan.  
I realize I need to travel more in Finland. I´ve been in Helsinki twice but that pretty much it. I love all the art the city represent, especially the museum Kiasma! 
Stories (in Swedish) from my last visit:
Streets of Helsinki, right before sunset.  
I have two places that would always be close to heart in oine way or another, my childhood forest in Hemsjö, a small village outside of Alingsås, my grandmother still lives there so I visit as often as I can. This is where I grow up. Now a days I have my family at the island of Tjörn in Rönnäng, west coast of Sweden. I only lived there for about four years but it´s a place I would never forget -  the place I lost my virginity, had my first real drunkness and my first job - where I changed from being a child to some kind of half way adult. 
View from our house in Rönnäng, Sweden. 
As you can tell, Iceland is totally missing on this list - that´s because I´ve never been. That need to change, soon I hope! What´s your favourite spots in the Nordic countries? 
#1 - - FREEDOMtravel:

På min lista kommer Island överst, och sedan Färöarna :) I Sverige gillar jag Stockholm och Halmstad. Bland annat. I Norge tyckte jag att Bodö var fantastiskt, men har inte jättemycket att jämföra med ;)

Svar: Vill verkligen till Island, ja till Färöarna också. Hoppas få möjlighet snart. Bodö kommer jag besöka när jag hoppar på Hurtigruten inom snar framtid, ska bara installera mig i Oslo först:) Stockholm har jag verkligen försökt gilla, men staden är stor och utspridd och får mig inte alls att trivas. Gissar att jag är en sann västkustbo som alltid kommer att se västkusten som sveriges framsida haha.

Vilken plats på island är din favorit?

#2 - - Laila MA - Rundt Ekvator:

Fin liste. Det er mange år siden jeg var i Helsinki så dit vil jeg definitivt tilbake til.

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