Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal
WOW - what a year full of new adventures! Who would have known in the beginning of the year that I would go to Tokyo and see the cherry blossom explosion, be a travel ambassador för Swedavia, make an awesome roadtrip around the coast of western Europe with my love, walk the path of Via Dolorosa i Jerusalem, visit the ancient city of Petra in Jordan and then say bye bye to 2018 in lively Tel Aviv. I´m impressed by 2018 - and I´m pretty sure 2019 will be even better since I´m about to move abroad! 
1. Ended 2017 end begun 2018 at the AZORES ISLANDS outside PORTUGAL.
2. On the way home we did a stopover for fish n chips in LONDON.
3. In march I surprised my bf with a b-day trip to COPENHAGEN (by bus från Oslo).
4. In the end of march we took of to see the cherry blossom festival in TOKYO and celebrating my b-day.
5. In juni a New Yorker friend of mine went to VIENNA - so we booked a last minute flight to meet her.
6. Around midsommer we started ourt BIG roadtrip adventure, 3 weeks in Sweden, 3 weeks in Europe.
7. After a boat trip to Germany our first stop was NETHERLANDS: Groningen & Amsterdam.
8. Medieval city of Brygge in BELGIUM.
9. FRANCE and the beautiful Alabastercoast. Wissant really amazed me and Anglet & Biarritz offer the most wow-sunsets.
10. SPAIN: Quick stops at Guggenheim in Bilbao and the famous church in Santiago de Compostela. Day trip to Mont Saint Michel.
11. PORTUGAL and Algarve coast, back in Portugal for the second time this year, this time we drove all the way along the coast from north to south.
12. Day trip to the British territory GIBRALTAR to say hello to the monkeys and wath the stunning view over Morocco.
13. Through spain to the teeny tiny country of ANDORRA, 1000+ meter over sea level.
14. And then we reached an even smaller country LUXEMBOURG where we entered the valley of the seven castles.
15. Last stop of the trip, Fynshavn in Denmark.
16. The autumn started with a gift from a friend - a trip to VILNIUS in Lituania
17. Soon after that Swedavia asked me to go to BUCHAREST (…and Transylvania) as their travel ambassador.
18. My interest for travel by train started - so we went from Oslo to BERGEN along the beautiful Bergensbanen.
19. I always travel during the x-mas holiday - this year our destination became ISRAEL: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Ein Gedi & Eilat. 
20. Drive thru PALESTINIAN terratories around the Dead Sea and Jerusalem. 
21. …and visit JORDAN: Petra, Wadi Rum & Aqaba
176 travel days including trips within Sweden 
19 countries // 10 new ones (including Sweden)
Visited countries: 64
Flights: 6 roundtrips
Train: 3 trips
Buss: 2 trips (not including 10+ trips to my second home, Oslo)
Ferry: 1 trip
Car: one trip, 11 countries including Sweden
Moving to Oslo. Celebrating my bffs b-day in Brighton. Drinking wine in Toscany. Midsummer in Malta and hopefully organize a trip with friends & travel bloggers to Cappadocia in Turkey. I´m sure there´s more to come...
Christiania, Copehagen, Denmark
Sakura Festival, Tokyo
Vienna Beer Fest
Roadtrip Dalarna County, Sweden
Wissant, France
Compostela de Santiago, Spain
Algarve, Portugal
Fynshav, Denmark
Vilnius, Lituania
Bucharest, Romania
Tel Aviv, Israel
Petra, Jordan
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