There´s always been a discussion about the seven wonders of the world, the ancient world vs the modern world. And there´s the new list. Which I halfway agrees with.

SEVEN WONDERS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD: Colossus of Rhodes, Great Pyramid of Giza, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Lighthouse of Alexandria, Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, Statue of Zeus at Olympia and the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus.

SEVEN WONDER OF THE MIDDLE AGE: Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa, Colosseum, Great Wall of China, Hagia Sophia, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Porcelain Tower of Nanjing, and Stonehenge. FYI Taj Mahal is sometimes listed here also.

NEW SEVEN WONDERS: Great wall of China, Petra, Jesus Statue Rio, Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza, Colosseum, Taj Mahal and the Pyramids in Giza.

SEVEN WONDERS ACCORDING TO WORLD BY TINA: I haven´t seen them all – way off. But I´ve seen a lot of wonders that totally impressed me during my trips around the world. Here´s the 7 wonders of the world – according to my own experience.


When seeing the sun rises over the great temple… It´s kind of hard to explain the feeling. It need to be experienced! The amazing feeling tone down when seeing a thousands selfie sticks up in the air. But exept that. IT WAS STUNNING. The temple city of Angor is so big it´s hard to understand, you´ll need at least 2-3 days to try to explore it all. If you don´t have that time, the temples I found most interesting was Bayon – whit the four faces of Buddha, Ta Prohm – where Tomb Raider was recorded and the main Temple Angkor Wat itself of course. To get a grip how big it is – the whole city – enjoy the view from a hot air balloon.


Tha landscape here is just wow. 400 meter high rock formations – ansd I can´t stop wonder who someone came up with the idea to built monastaries on top of them. That´s what I call a wonder. In the beginning there where 20 monasteries now there´s only 6 left – but the most amazing part is that monks and nuns still dedicates their lifes, way up by the clouds, ever since the 14th century. Meteora is listed on UNESCO World Heritage Site – but I think it should be listed as one of the seven wonders aswell. Such a cool place!


I love a good jungle adventure. And I love that they kept so many of the ruins still hidden under the vegetation – it really is a place where you can explore for hours, days even. The coolest part is that you still can climb up top of some of the temple. But I guess it won´t take long until they close that possibility down. Don´t ruin the ruins. Movie recommendation: Apocalypto


I still haven´t understand that I WAS THERE just a couple of weeks ago. It sure was a magical place in so many ways. Before, I didn´t know so much about it other then it was forgotten for houndreds and houndreds of years – but it turned out it was more of a hidden city, the beduin people in the area were well aware of the place. I´m not gonna tell the story, please google it if curious. It was soooooo much bigger then would have imagined, we didn´t even had time to explore half of it. A good reason to come back some day. Hopefully in another season, winter was freeeeeeezing. Don´t believe everything you in social media (what really?) – the influencers dressed in cute dresses standing in front of the famous Al Khazneh aka Treasury is just ****shit. 1. You should be covered up in religious places. 2. It´s cold in the winter. It´s jacket cold. But hey, isn´t it all lies on instagram? The ancient city of Petra is not a lie thou – it´s magical for real.


I was amazed when I got there, it was so white and shiny it hurt my eyes. This is a love story, a true love story about eternal love between emperor Shah Jahan and (one of) his wifes, Mumtaz Mahal. As a proof that she was his all time favourite wife she asked, on her death bed when giving birth to their 14 child (yeah you read it correct, 14!), that he would do something that no one has done before – in loving memory of her. So there he goes, building the most expensive mausoleum ever seen. The story also said that he wanted to build a black one right next to it – one of his sons didn´t agree and put him to jail instead – with a view over Taj Mahal. This is what the guide told us. I know there are other stories, I choose to believe this one.


The whole of Rome should be listed as a wonder itself. So many beautiful impressive buildings – and of course, Colosseum is one of them! I don´t agree with the things it was built for, the bloody killing of both men and animals for all the wrong reasons – simple entertainment. But I can´t close my eyes for the fact that it´s still a fantastic building that we can enjoy in modern time – without the killing.


Ok, I will not lie. I was not completely head over heels in love with this place but it is an amazing pyramid and I´m really really happy to have seen it live. Since I´ve already been to the mayan ruins in both Honduras and Guatemala, this was a little bit…ok, thats all? The best thing about this visit is that we where almost alone, so great pictures without any tourist destroying my photos. Happy like a true travel blogger. I´m quite sure that this one will drop of the list when I finally got to see the pyramids in Giza. Been close three times, and every time it has been unsafe to go and people told me not to. I will not give up.

Which one of the wonders of the world, listed or not, would you say impresses you the most?

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