EXETER DOWN UNDER. In collaboration with Visit Exeter I was invited to check out the underground passages of Exeter – a former water system from the medieval times. 

If visiting Exeter this is a really interesting thing to do, that is if you’re not afraid of rats or got claustrophobia. It´s a bit chilly, damp and the passages are very low and narrow. There are some lightnings so you can find your way, but still quite dark. One of the guides will lead your way telling you about the history of Exeter, the medieval times, the construction of the tunnels and what’s just above your head. Felt both weird and super cool to have a walk down under the popular shopping street called High Street.

Tours runs everyday from June to September, entry fee from 3.50-7 pounds. Location: 2 Paris Street, Exeter

Bookings & info: https://exeter.gov.uk/leisure-and-culture/our-attractions/underground-passages/

[ In collab with Visit Exeter & Exeter City Council]

3 thoughts on “EXETER | DOWN UNDER

  1. Hoppas du haft det bra och givande i Exeter.
    Din sida ser ny ut, så jag har lite svårt att hitta till en början, men man vänjer väl sig.
    Har du fler inlägg från Exeter eller från Cardiff. Hittar de inte.

    1. Hej, jag kom hem i förrgår så har inte hunnit skriva alla artiklar än, men det kommer inom snar framtid, har besökt ett 10-tal platser längst med Engelska Rivieran & tre platser i Södra Wales=) Att få bo i Exeter en hel månad var grymt, vilken trevlig stad alltså!

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