One of the great things about the city of Exeter is that the City Council provides walking city tours everyday – all for free! You can pick a tour to the cathedral, the churches and the catacombs, explore the old and forgotten Exeter, walk around in the town and the Quay for a historical view or learn all about the ghosts in one of the most haunted towns of England. We took the Ghost & Legends Tour with storyteller Ann from Exeter´s Red Coat Guided Tours & The Churches and Catacombs.

I´m not gonna tell the ghost stories, you have to come here and hear them live! But I will give you a little hint what’s lurking around in the town. The heart of the town is the beautiful cathedral also known as Cathedral Church of Saint Peter, the old one dates from 1050, the new one that we can see today was finished around 1400. When the bell tower rings seven times the Ghost & Legends Tour will begin by telling you that you’re standing on a former burial site – transformed into a lovely picnic area.  During the next one and a half hour you will be told true (I believe everything is true until proven wrong) stories about meetings with the devil, bone-fire, heads that falling of, the British ghost in the thai restaurant next to the cathedral, the suicide girl, headless horses, the farting ghost at Pizza Express, walk of shame on High Street, the ghost of Laura Ashley (the clothing shop), a ghost that got lost, the kings mistress, roman coins, chopped up bodies and private male body parts and the tragical love story of John & Martha.

One of the first and the last cities in England that hanged women who were accused of practising witchcraft. The last ones to be hanged was the three Bideford witches who were hanged in August 1682 at Exeter Prison, one for turning into a magpie, one for talking with the devil and one just for being friends with the other two. At Rougemont Castle you can see a sign that says ”in memory of” and modern witches has been gathering in Rougemont Gardens to hold vigils.

A few days after we took another tour to explore the churches in the town and visiting the dark catacombs in the old graveyard – and we had luck, the bats where in another part of the catacombs so we where allowed inside.

The ghost stories and legends doesn’t end here. There´s also a story about the house that moved and later that evening when I was waiting for the bus an old man told me about the three legged ghost cat at the Cathedral…


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