EXETER PUB GUIDE – The essential pub (and food) guide when visiting the city of Exeter. Let’s start with my top 5 favourite spots.

Turtle Bay – (Almost) everywhere you go in the UK you will find a Turtle Bay. And if you do – pay a visit, the food, the service, the music and the drinks are top notch!

The Beer Cellar – The smallest bar in town? I´d guess! Close to the cathedral. The place for beer, inside or outside. Great atmosphere and the bartender are totally into The Hives.

Boston Tea Party – This place offers a great selection of healthy smoothies, PERFECT scrambled eggs, traditional English brekkie and Bloody Mary (even thou they couldn’t make me one due to lack go ingredients). Breakfast for champions! Ps. If you’re having take away – bring your own cup or buy one at the shop. Sustainable thinking! Hooray!

The Imperial – Or simply The Imp as it´s called by locals. The best beer garden in UK? This is the perfect oasis for hot summer days, drinking Ice cold Pimm’s in the huge grass garden surrounded by palm trees or having a yummy Irish Coffee inside the cozy ”living room” areas during winter time. This place got it all, situated just a few minutes walk from the busy city center of Exeter, right next to the university and train station. Part of The Weatherspoon concept.

Rockfish – The place to have seafood! Rockfisk is to be found at several places in England, mostly by the coast. I recommend the oysters and the grilled fish!

…and now you can move on to the rest. 


Yo! Sushi – simple & fun, the food comes to yo! Pick your choice! Look out for the blue Mondays (discount) and green Thursdays (all veggie).

Tyepyedong – Can´t spell it, can’t pronounce it but they do have a great selection of ramen – with all kinds of noodles. I recommend the spicy coconut, number 122.

Ship Pub – Traditional english pub, decorated in dark wood in the heart of Exeter city right next to Cathedral Close. I would not pick the locally brewed cider again thou, tasted like something gone bad.

John Gandy’s – A night out is not a night out without a visit to Gandy´s. Typical small scale nightclub.

Coolings – In the middle of the Pub street, Gandy Street, you’ll find this place. Don’t miss out on the cocktail bar in the cellar. One of Exeters hidden spots!

Las Iguanas – Still sad I didn’t got the chance to try the food here, I believe it is tasty! South American style. Going out for dinner? Book in advance. Popular place.

Hubbox – Probably THE best (and only) outdoor roof top terrance. Great place for AW drinks.

Georges Meeting point – ”Take me to church” got a whole new meaning. Not similar to any other bar I’ve ever visited. This is for real a church (or has been) and a bar, all in one. So weird to order a pint in front of Jesus (well, not quite, the crucifix was taken away at least). Good beer garden. Part of The Weatherspoon concept. Great fish n chips! Or cod and chips as it should be.

White Heart – Cozy traditional British pub with a cute and very small beer garden.

Artigiano – The only bar situated on the busy shopping street, High Street, Specialists on wine & coffee.


Topsham Brewery – Down by the canal ”little Venice”. Popular place for playdates with your dogs. Live music at weekends.

Quayside Cafe – Best ice cream in down. My choice: Lemon meringue.

Mangos Café & Bar – This place make perfect refreshing smoothies!

Puerto Lounge – With walls filled with old paintings you can grab a beer and pretend your in a museum.

Venezia – Nice outdoor seating in ”little Venice”. Perfect for a beer stop.

On the Waterfront – Down by the Quay. Order a beer, take it outside and sit by the water. Enjoy the river, people and sunset. Perfect life.

The Port Royal – Restaurant with a nice outdoor seating by the river. Go down to The Quay and then walk along the river – there it is, at the far end.

Samuel James – British bar with an outdoor seating at the Quay, great selection of craft beer.

Mill on the Exe – The river is called the Exe – Welcome to Mill by the Exe. This is the place I would pick if I wanted to feel the countryside – but stay in the city. Just a few minutes away from the quay and the city centre.


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And when we´re at it. If you need a place to stay you should definitely treat yourself with a stay at luxury four star Mercure Rougemont. Great location just by the railway station and one minute walk from High Street, friendly professional staff and beautiful rooms with a lot of space – especially if you pick on of the privilege rooms. We stayed in room 106. Our stay was a collaboration with Mercure Rougemont.

…the most important thing of all. When in England on a Sunday – ALWAYS go out for Sunday Roast. This one was served by my lovely host family who I stayed wit for a month. 

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