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Recently Jennie, one of the founders of did an interview with me where she asked me all kinds of travel related questions that I´ll be more then happy to share with you. Feel free to keep ask me stuff about myself, my travels and my work as a travel consultant, free of charge.

What do you love the most about travels?

  • To explore new cultures, meet new friends and interesting people – and of course taste all the flavours of the world!

What’s the top 3 on your bucket list?

  • Explore the wildlife in Madagaskar
  • Be a traintrotter on Trans Siberian Railway
  • Live a year in a van – going wherever I decide

Who are you?

  • I´m a travel addict artist who works with communication and online marketing. Now and then I release my feelings by splash colours on big canvas mostly with inspiration from my travels. Worked backstage (communication & marketing) at a theatre for 14 years, in May 2020 I take my exams as a TRAC-certified Travel Consultant. From Sweden, Based in Oslo.

We love that you have rebuilt your car into a small camping van. How did you get that idea, and was it tricky?

  • When I meet my bf, now husband. He told me he had a dream about buying a van and spend a summer in Europe. I said – let’s do it! Instead of buying a car we transformed my little Toyota Yaris Verso into our summer house. That summer we visited 11 countries and drove 13000 km, this summer we decided to explore the north of Norway. Roadtrip stories:

What’re your best tips on how to travel more eco-friendly?

  • Be careful when you choose your accommodations, airbnb is always a good pick when benefit the locals. Stay as far away from all inclusive hotels (and huge luxury cruises) as you possible can. And when it comes to transportation – if it´s possible take the train. No one can do everything – but we all can do a little.

You just moved to Oslo, where can we find your best Oslo tips?

  • On fridays I drink expensive beer at cool bars in Grunerløkka or having sushi at my all time favourite restaurant Sudøst. On saturdays I love a nice walk by the Opera house, Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen and then go out for international food at Oslo Street Food. Sundays are best spend exploring the art museums or sculpture parks. My fav art pieces: the half cow at Astrup Fearnley, the Chiquita banana at Heine Onstad and the mausoleum of Emanuel Vigeland. Read more, 100 things to do in Oslo:

Describe the feeling the minute after you’ve decided to start planning a new vacay.

  • I start packing and planning my outfits right away. One thing I absolutely love about traveling is all the outfits you got to wear. I love fashion!

Where is your next vacay heading to?

  • I’m off to Hamburg by train (bus & ferry) to party at the famous Reeperbahn with one of my best friends. 4 countries in 6 days!

What drives you making all the hard work of inspiring others with your travels on Instagram and on your blog (when you’re doing it for free)?

  • The idea of being my own boss its what drives me the most, doing what I love. My business plan is basically to be a travel consultant for free and work with collaborators in turism and travel agencies.

Finally, name two travel influencers that inspire you:

  • Amanda Malm @thevintagea who travels the world as often as she can and her love for vintage clothings.
  • @sandystadelmann who just came home from a solo train trip from Stockholm and Beijing and back – by train!


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