MY TOYOTA IS FANTASTIC: How to convert a Toyota Yaris Verso into a camper van in two days!

In this car we visited 11 countries in 46 days driving 13 000 kilometers during the summer of 2018 – the hottest summer in like forever with no AC. But we sure had the time of our life!

We started in the middle of Sweden, in Dalarna to get the car ready for adventure. Then we continued through Sweden and went to a festival at the beautiful island of Öland. From there we drove down to the south of Sweden to take the over night ferry to Germany. Our first stop became a camp in Netherlands (Groningen & Amsterdam) then Belgium (Blankenberge & Brygge), via the Alabaster Coast of France (soooo WOW!) down to Spain and Portugal (mostly Algarve), took a hike up the Gibraltar rock, Spain again and up to Andorra, Luxembourg (Valley of the seven castles). On the way back to Sweden we took one night in France one in Germany and one in Denmark (Fyn).


Dalarna/Darlecarlia: Dalarna
East Coast: Oxelösund & Arkösund
Östergötland: Norrköping, Söderköping & Katrineholm
Småland: Countryside & Kalmar
Öland: Öland

Sweden – Germany: Finnlines
Netherlands: Groningen & Amsterdam
Belgium: Blankenberge & Bruges
France: Normandie Mont Saint Michel Anglet & Biarritz
Spain: San Sebastian Bilbao Guggenheim Galicia Costa del Sol
Portugal: Northern Portugal Algarve
Gibraltar: Gibraltar Rock
Andorra: El Serrat
Luxembourg: Valley of the seven castles
Denmark: Fyns hav & Reptile Zoo



WORLD BY TINA drivs av Tina Wetterskog. Tina är utbildad resekonsult och driver reseportalen med inspiration till resor och äventyr när och fjärran. Fokusområden: Tåg! Konst! Hållbarhet!


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