A DREAM CAME TRUE. I finally got to experience the amazing green sky phenomenon – the northern lights. Norrsken as we say in Sweden or nordlys in Norwegian. It was magical for real. Almost unreal. So happy Miss Aurora decided to come to show. You can never know…

WHERE & WHEN. The sky needs to be clear from pollution and city lights – and no clouds. Cold and dry weather is preferred. The stars should shine bright. Late September to late March is the best time of year. Northern Norway, northern Sweden, Island, Russia and Canada got great viewing spots.

Location: Silsand on the island of Senja, close to Tromsø, Norway. One of the best viewing spots in Norway! Closest airport, Bardufoss. Aurora Borealis Observatory offers apartments and aurora huts with great sky view. Glamping!

FACTS & FICTION. If you wanna know how the aurora borealis is explained. Google it. I’m more interested in the mythology of this beautiful and sometimes a bit scary phenomenon. There’s so many legends and stories about the green lights. For example, the some cultures believe its the spirits from dead people, some believe its non-human beings – better stay inside, and be quiet. The story I was told when I was little was that the lights was the bridge between the gods and the earth, the viking story. I’m not surprised that all these stories exist, its hard to explain something that beautiful and weird, especially if you don’t have the scientific facts, like in the old days.

I’m very fascinated with all the nature phenomenons that attend to appear in the sky now and then – rainbows, polar stratospheric clouds, pink sunsets and the aurora borealis. Which one is your favourite?

4 thoughts on “AURORA BOREALIS

  1. Your article is just amazing, thank you so much for sharing this with is us, I am so delighted that you witnessed the Aurora Borealis. the photos are just amazing and I also wish to visit the place soon.

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