EIN GEDI NATURE RESERVE – where you didn´t think anything could live! And there it is, a green valley with waterfalls in the middle of nowhere, in the Judean Desert close to the Dead Ocean.

After hiking up the Masada Fortress and floating in the salty Dead Sea it was time to visit some cute goats, no-show leopards and taking photos by the waterfalls in the nature reserve, Ein Gedi. What an adventure day!


Ein Gedi – doesn´t it sound german? In hebrew it´s literally spring of the kid or young goat. En Gedi is an kibbutz and a national park founded in 1956, in 2016 the place was listed as one of the most popular nature sites in Israel. I totally understand why. The nature is stunning. I wished we have more exploring time here, one hour was far from enought. Wadi David, David Spring, David waterfall – who is this David?

This is said to be the best hiking spot in Israel with 9 different hiking trails. We took the circular one to David´s waterfall that took less than an hour along the wadi (wadi = a dry river). When the water is high you can take a swim here. We where not allowed to. Dodim’s Cave is suppose to be the most beautiful pool to cool you off after a sweaty hike. But it doesn´t really mather which hike you decide on – they´re all beautiful (I´ve seen pictures!). Don´t walk at night, you might be facing a leopard – even thou it was 20 years since the last time someone saw one in the area. Better safe than sorry.

It´s one hour drive from Jerusalem, I would recommend to do it at the same time as Masada and Dead Sea, book a tour or rent a car. There´s also local busses who can take you there. You´ll need to pay an entrance fee, but it´s not pricey.

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