HOT SPOTS! Greetings from Travel Match 2022 in Oslo. Sustainable travels, traveling by train and city breaks are definitely on the menu for 2022 in the travel business. The world is back on track – literally speaking.

Note: I’m well aware of the tragic things that are going on in the world, especially in Europe at the moment – but let not make this an article about that. This is inspiration for the hopefully very bright future ahead, travel wise.

In the beginning of march the travel event Travel Match 2022 took place in the Norwegian capital of Oslo. This event was organized for the 11th time and is one of the best meeting points for buyers to meet up with sellers – and press & media, like myself. Over thousand meetings took place during the day plus a breakfast event presented by Mallorca Tourismo Illes Balears and the after party that was hosted by Germany National Tourism Board.

Travel Match 2022: Souvenirs from what yet to come
Travel Match 2022: Souvenirs from what yet to come
  • City Breaks ”Art & the city” 2022
  • The islands of Europe
  • Countries best explored by train
  • The Norwegian market

So what is going on in the world tourism-wise and what’s the top destinations for 2022? I will sum it up for you: Sustainability & city breaks! Preferably combined!

Tourism has a huge impact on the environment and it’s more important to make ”green choices” now then even. I’m very glad to hear that almost everyone in the tourism business has this as their top priority from now on. And most of all, to make the tourists AWARE and to be able to make the best choices for the climate, while travelling. I don’t believe in a world without meeting new cultures and people. Tourism is way too important, in so many ways, both for the humanity and the economical perspective.


Many of the larger and mid-size cities in Europe (and the world) has been struggeling big times during the pandemic. The lockdowns and lack of tourism have had HUGE impact economically. I’ve picked out a few destinations that will be on my personal agenda to visit in the nearby future.

Rotterdam – Make it happen. Such a trendy slogan. This city is branding itself in a way that really attracts me. Focusing on sustainability, art & the city and festival. All of my favourite things. And the best of all. Easily reached by train. Check out the cube houses, the ”bobbing” forest, the ship hotel and Rotterdam beach. Visit Rotterdam Partners for plenty of inspiration AND most important – their sustainability agenda:

My personal agenda for 2022, visiting the art week in May:

Cube houses by Richard Ciraulo, Unsplash
Cube houses by Richard Ciraulo, Unsplash

Poland – All Yo Need. This campaign says it all. Poland actually got it all from historical cities, cities by the sea – surrounded by nature. For me and my interest in art the city of Wroclaw (Wrocław) gotten my fully attention. How about visiting a gold mine, take an imaginary trip to Africa or admire one of the impressive buildings on the UNESCO list. I’m sold! Next stop: Wrocław – preferably combined with a spa trip the close by Czech Republic.

I would personally recommend Warsaw – such a great weekend city:

Thanks to the Polish Tourism Organisation for the digital guided tour of Poland:

"Beach" party in Warsaw
”Beach” party in Warsaw

Adventures of Bilbao & Biscaya. The very MAIN attraction in Bilbao is with no doubt the amazing Guggenheim Museum. I went there a few years ago and was amazed with the grand art – and the building itself. What a masterpiece:

When having a chat with the Bilbao Tourism Marketing Department I’ve got som recommendations on what to explore while visiting Bilbao and the surroundings such as Aste Nagusia Festival – the ”Big week” festival in the end of August, Urdaibai Biosphere, a nature reserve listed as a UNESCO site and Gernika (Guernica) – the city that was pretty much destroyed in 1937 and forever famous due to the huge painting made by Picasso. I’ve seen it live at Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid – and it’s magnificent…and very powerful and emotional. This city has been on my bucket list FOREVER!

Bilbao Turismo:

Photo of Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao
Photo of Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

Sustainable Mallorca, Greek Islands on a budget and gastronomical adventures on Iceland.

Illes Baleares presenting the new improved Mallorca. Re-branding from party island to a destination for active tourism! Mallorca has been one of the number one 24/7 party vacation island since the 60´s. It´s time for a change. Now focusing on culture and museums, gastronomic experiences and of course the biggest attraction – the nature! Did you know that 44% of the island is covered by forest ant nature reservations?

To become a great choice for sustainable tourism the island says no to plastic, they have new improved rules about waste and energy. Happy hour is no more and the All inclusive hotels serves limited amounts of alcohol.

The public transportation! Did you know that you kan go pretty much to every corner and destination of the island using busses? Most of them electric! Plan your vacation at PS. No need to buy tickets in advance – just use your credit card as a bus ticket. Blip blip.

Here you can read more info about the island in the mediterranean sea and it’s contrasts:

I’ve only been to Mallorca ones a three days trip exploring the beautiful city of Palma. My next mission is definitely going on a buss tour on Mallorca exploring all over the island. 3 days in ”Mallis”:

The cathedral in Palma
The cathedral in Palma

Island hopping in Greece (…on a budget). I’ve given myself a mission impossible. Island hopping in Greece (Mykonos & Santorini) – on a budget (in July!). I was very surprised to found out that most of the islands didn’t had camping tourism at all. On Santorini there was just one camping site available (open for business). But I did get some great tips on where to go in the future. Evia is the island closest to Athen, and also the most unknown for tourism. The prices are still lower then the busy crowded famous ones (like Santorini and Mykonos). Evia is also the only island who has a glamping site! The little island of Paros is expected to turn into the  ”new Mykonos” in a few years time – so I would suggest, go there now, before it’s too late.

As a hidden gem Milos was recommended big times with secluded beaches and boutique hotels – for peaceful holidays. Thanks for the recommendations:

I’ve been to a few of the islands before. Crete, Kos, Zakynthos and Korfu. On the mainland I’ve visited Halkidiki, Thessaloniki and Meteora. Direct link to all my Greece-stories:

Photo from a trip to Zakynthos

The dramatic and gastronomic island of Iceland. This island that needs no presentation itself – but the food does! Local food is on the agenda and makes Iceland one of the most interesting gastronomic experiences in the world. Locally grown products, traditional ingredients and beer from microbreweries is to be served – along with flavours of the world. Remember the name Embla Nordic Food Awards and look out for nominated and award winning restaurants.

Read more about the food culture on Iceland:

Ps. I still haven’t been here and I’m so excited to still have this adventure a head of me. My dream is to go here by ferry from Denmark combined with Faroe Islands.

Icelandic dried fish by Steve Parfitt, Unsplash
Icelandic dried fish by Steve Parfitt, Unsplash


Discover Germany – Simply inspiring! For a few years now Germany has been promoting it self in the Nordics as a country that is easily reach by train. They working hard on sustainability with nature and outdoor activities such as biking and hiking tourism. Forests, river walks, vineyards, plenty of fairy tale castles, the beautiful beaches in the westerland and of course all the cute middle scale cities on the UNESCO World Heritages Sites. On my bucket list stands Cologne, Quedlinburg, Wismar, Bamberg and Darmstadt just to mention some of them.

Shhh don’t tell anyone – hidden gems of Germany:

During my last trip to Germany I visited Lübeck, Bremen, Bremerhaven and Celle – by train. Here you can read all of my stories and guides including trips to Berlin, Hamburg and Düsseldorf:

Having a "fika" in Celle
Having a ”fika” in Celle

Visit Britain – Welcome to another side of Britain. I’ve been exploring quite a bit of England already but still it feels like I’ve got so much more to discover. My mission is to to it by train. Taking a proper train tour on my own visiting historical places, university cities and the nature districts. I did a small version a couple summers ago in the southern part – and I loved every minute of it!

England & Wales by train:

Check out Visit Britain’s website for plenty of useful and inspiring content:

Memory from one of my many visits to Brighton
Memory from one of my many visits to Brighton

Croatia – Full of life. Jump on the night train from Munich to Rijeka and from there the beautiful and popular coastal destinations are not far away. Croatia by Interrail will definitely be one of the highlights for train travelling in 2022. I’m sure of it!

I’ve been camping in Croatia before and it’s a great option for a different kind of vacation. My kind of vacation. Travelling by train combined with bon fires on the beach sleeping in your hammock. My camping trip to Croatia:

Read more about camping in Croatia:

Me on a camping trip in Croatia with the Swedish company Rosa Bussarna
Me on a camping trip in Croatia with the Swedish company Rosa Bussarna

Switzerland – On top of Europe. Presenting the highest railway station in Europe. Just before the pandemic I was contracted to be a tour leader in the fantastic landscapes of Switzerland and the Jungfrau Region. Going by train Geneva – Montreux to Wengen and Spiez including Lauterbrunnen, Schilthorn and the famous train ride the Golden Pass line.

While there I was also invited to visit Grindelwald and Jungfraujoch (007 movie location) by Grindelwald Tourism and Jungfrau Railways. I was so sad that we needed to put this on hold – but hopefully it will be reality in the very near future. Fingers crossed!

Discover the Jungfrau Region: and top of Europe:

On top of Europe and on top of my list!

Hiking in Switzerland by Nino Villamar, unsplash.
Hiking in Switzerland by Nino Villamar, unsplash.

The Netherlands -Train rides and tulips – by ferry. One of the most interesting upcoming transportations for 2022 is definitely the new ferry line from Kristiansand in Norway down to Eemshaven in Groningen, the Netherlands. The line is operated by Holland Norway Lines and will take about 18 hours. It will be up and running by April and I would love to be the first in line. When arriving in the Netherlands – train travelling is upon you. Holland Norway Lines:

If you’re an enthusiastic train traveller you should also visit the Utrecht Railway Museum or having dinner at the Amsterdam Restaurant Train including a ride through the dutch countryside. Recommendations by family business Destination NL in Amsterdam:

Recently their new international tourism logo was introduced. I think it’s a funny story, especially since I work within graphic design. I found peoples interest and opinions very fascinating. What do you think? Joint or tulip?

Street art in the Netherlands from Heerlen to Amsterdam:

One can of course not talk about the Netherlands without mention Van Gogh:

Sunset from a camp site in Groningen
Sunset from a camp site in Groningen


Fjord Line – We move people. In double aspects. Fjord Line operates in Norway, Denmark and Sweden and offers transportation and cruises.

It’s a sustainable and effective way to bring your car along the journey without driving it. If you been to Norway you know why. A road trip that would easily take one hour takes four times that due to the archipelago, mountains and national parks. And yes, the landscape is a keeper! Slow travel is the way to go.

I would love to do a roundtrip exploring the Norwegian west coast from the top deck and then continue down to Denmark and visiting the sandy beaches of Løkken and Skagen and experience the magical light that the ”Skagen painters” became very famous for.

For example with this cruise you can experience the spectacular landscape along Lysefjord do a stop over in Hirtshals (Denmark) and enjoying the picturesque city of Stavanger:

Who’s joining me on a cruise?

The fjords of Norway
The fjords of Norway

Togreiser – Discover Europe by train. Beside being a travel blogger and consultant I’m also working part time as travel coordinator for the Norwegian travel agency Togreiser. We arrange group tours by train, mostly in Europe and recently we became retailer for Deutsche Bahn and Interrail – with access to almost every train operator in Europe. I’m your train planner and ticket organizer! Check out our website for more information about our tours and Interrail deals:

Here you can also check ot my travel blog from one of the tours. It´s one of my most popular blog posts:

Train tour from Munich to Venezia, with me as co-travel guide
Train tour from Munich to Venezia, with me as co-travel guide

Jomfrureiser presenting Yoga trips – women ONLY! Want to practise yoga and meditation at beautiful carefully planned destinations – Jomfrureiser have it all arranged for you. Have a look at the available tours:

Magiske Reiser – Tours with a touch of magic. Looking for a vacation with a twist? Get in touch with theme park specialist Magiske Reiser & American Adventures:

Also many thanks to Fashion Arena Praque Outlet, Atta Centre in Latvia, CPB Culturepartner Berlin, Maritim Hotels, Sabre Nordic, Happy Tours, Domitur Travel, Viatur Travel Services & Eco turism in Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua and Guatemala, NIS – North Incoming Service in Basque Country and North Spain and Designer Trips – unique travel experiences in Argentina.

Me with my fellow Norwegain travel bloggers and
Me with my fellow Norwegain travel bloggers and


WORLDBYTINA.SE is owned by me, Tina Wetterskog. Certified Travel Consultant with a mission to inspire and give recommendations to travels and other adventures close by or far far away. Focusing on art, sustainability and travelling by train. Follow my world on facebook and instagram.

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